Teacher/Educator Kit

Resources for schools


Please find attached our 2017 Teacher/Educator Kit materials.  These materials were developed with the input of a group of teachers and we are very grateful for their assistance.

We would appreciate your help in spreading awareness of Kawasaki disease to those affected most, young families.  The pieces are as follows:

1,  Kawasaki Disease Canada flyer – with the permission of your school administration, please send this flyer home with your students (Note: if you would rather we provide you with copies, we will mail you the flyers, along with a symptom card attached to it.)


2.  Teacher Presentation – we understand that you may have the opportunity to present at your staff meetings; if so, please request our short presentation deck by emailing us at: info@kdcanada.org

3.  Wear Red Fundraising idea – if you would like to also help us fulfill our mission by raising funds, we have provided a flyer for your consideration.  If you have another fundraising idea, we would be pleased to provide you with additional materials.


Thank you very much.


Kawasaki Disease Canada Board of Directors