Simon’s Story

This is Kawasaki disease in Canada.


This is Simon’s story as told by his mother, Danielle.

October 24, 2014, after 11 days of fever and 7 days in hospital, Simon was sent by medivac to our closest children’s hospital, a 600km drive from our home, diagnosed with Kawasaki disease. He was 5 years old. His symptoms did not all present at the same time, making the diagnosis take longer. October 26, 2014 was the date that changed our lives forever. The doctor was very sorry, but there were two large aneurysms on his coronary arteries. He was put on warfarin as well as Aspirin. December 2015, Simon underwent his first heart catheterization. The results were that the aneurysms were not nearly as large as first suspected. He was taken off warfarin and put strictly on Aspirin daily.

Since then, Simon has had semi-annual echocardiograms, a stress test, and just this past October, on the anniversary of his initial diagnosis, a second heart catheterization, which showed only one true aneurysm and a longer section of dilation of his coronary artery. He will continue to have semi-annual echos and stress tests, as needed. He continues on with his daily dose of Aspirin.

Just to look at him, you would never know just how much this incredible little Super Simon has been through!


*Opinions expressed are those of the parent who submitted this story.