Student Research Update

Ongoing research to examine the ability of galactosugars to reduce disease severity



In April 2017, we awarded Alicia Fisch with the Kawasaki Disease Canada Student Research Award. Alicia’s research is supervised by Dr. Rae Yeung, Professor of Paediatrics, Immunology and Medical Science at the University of Toronto and the Senior Scientist in Cell Biology Research at The Hospital For Sick Children.

The research Alicia is conducting may help to establish a novel predictor of Kawasaki disease development, aiding in diagnosis, as well as provide an alternative treatment approach. Alicia’s research objective is to examine the role of elastin-derived peptides (EDPs) in the development of Kawasaki disease and whether it can be inhibited by galactosugars (such as lactose). Alicia’s newest finding is that galactosugars can be used to alter heart disease in mice developing KD. Diseased mice fed galactosugar-supplemented water developed less severe disease compared to those fed non-galactosugar-supplemented water. Research is ongoing to examine the ability of galactosugars to reduce disease severity. This could be the start of a new approach to treating patients with Kawasaki disease!

You can read the detailed update of Alicia’s research here.

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