Raising Awareness for Kawasaki Disease

Social Media Campaign #ShowUsYourHeart


‪#‎ShowUsYourHeart‬ to spread the word about Kawasaki disease! Please take a picture of your “finger-heart” and post it along with the text below on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter…whatever your pleasure.  By doing so, you could save a child’s heart!

Kawasaki disease is the #1 cause of acquired heart disease in children. EARLY DETECTION IS CRITICAL so know the symptoms.

Children exhibiting FEVER for five days or more with any two of these symptoms should be seen by a doctor immediately:

body rash, red eyes, swollen hands or feet, cracked red lips, bumpy red tongue, swollen lymph node on neck

Visit kdcanada.org for more information. And THANK YOU!

January 26th is Kawasaki Disease Awareness Day

Show Us Your Heart 2016 with captions