Heart-wrenching diagnosis

Published February 4, 2016 in Guelph Tribune by David DiCenzo


On May 15, 2008, Elizabeth Heald received a call familiar to every parent.

The Kitchener-based mother of two was working in Toronto and her babysitter wanted her to know Heald’s youngest, six-year-old Dylan, wasn’t feeling well. Heald decided to take an early train home to relieve her husband, Warren, who had a rare night shift that evening.

She’d spoken to her husband that afternoon and, between some Lego play and Guitar Hero, all seemed well with Dylan.

When she boarded the train, Elizabeth called Warren for an update, but Heald couldn’t understand him. He passed the phone to a police officer, who explained that Dylan wasn’t breathing and that paramedics were on site. Upon arriving at the Milton station, she called Warren at home again.

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(Photo: Pam Cummings with daughter Sandra who was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, and son Daniel)

Pam Sandra and Daniel Cummings