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Here in Canada and around the world, researchers are working to uncover the causes of Kawasaki disease, investigate its mechanisms, develop diagnostic tools, understand aneurysms, analyze the risk of blood clot formation, help families of children living with long-term consequences of Kawasaki disease, discover ways to encourage parents and health care providers to recognize symptoms, explore treatment options, and much, much more.

Kawasaki Disease Canada is committed to supporting research which leads to better outcomes for children and adults who contract Kawasaki disease.

To this end, we offer (when funds permit) a Student Research Award (a scholarship recognizing quality student research related to Kawasaki disease), and a Research Grants Program funding quality research projects. Such research may be epidemiological, biomedical, psycho-social, or educational. As a new organization, we do not have the human or financial resources to consider applications for all of these types of research in the same round of applications. Our annual call for proposals will indicate the type of projects we are funding in a given year.

Kawasaki Disease Canada Student Research Award

Kawasaki Disease Canada Student Research Award Application Form