Awareness of This Disease could Save Your Child’s Life

Published in Erica Ehm's YummyMummyClub on January 26, 2016 by Dr. Kim Foster


When Carin’s two year-old son Isaiah came down with a fever, she didn’t worry at first. After all, he had just started preschool, and everyone knows preschools are petri dishes for viruses. There was no reason to suspect anything more. She treated his fever at home and kept a close eye on him. A few days later, the fever was still raging, so she took him to a walk-in-clinic, like any parent would. There, the doctor told her Isaiah had a virus, and he’d be better soon.

But he didn’t get better. In fact, the fever persisted, and the symptoms took a turn for the strange. He developed swollen lymph nodes, and an odd rash. He refused to walk. What was going on?

After a second visit to the walk in clinic (where she was offered more reassurance), and two visits to her pediatrician, the days were passing, and Isiah wasn’t getting any better. He was getting worse. But nobody could give her a diagnosis.

Finally, Carin took her son to Sick Kids ER. And there — at last — the proper diagnosis was made: a rare illness that most commonly affects kids under the age of five. Treatment was started.

Which sounds like a good thing. A relief, even. Trouble was…the diagnosis was made too late.

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