Awareness is critical!

Please tell someone about Kawasaki disease today, in honour of Dylan

January 6, 2017


This is Dylan. He would have turned 15 years old today, but at six years old Dylan suffered a fatal heart attack as a result of undiagnosed Kawasaki disease. Dylan is the son of Elizabeth, the President of Kawasaki Disease Canada, who has shown tremendous strength, courage and perseverance, and is the driving force behind our organization. This is why we do, what we do. We raise awareness to try to save children from lifelong heart damage and to try to save families from lifelong heartache due to the loss of a child. Please tell someone about Kawasaki disease today, in honour of Dylan.


January 6, 2017

Kawasaki Disease Canada is proud to be a registered Canadian charity.  In addition to making a one time or monthly donation, did you know that you can also set up your own fundraising page to share your story and raise funds to support Kawasaki Disease Canada?  Visit our page on Canada Helps and click on the “Fundraise” button to get started.

KD Survey Day

January 6, 2017

SURVEY DAY: Common symptoms of Kawasaki disease include persistent fever, body rash, red eyes, swollen hands or feet, cracked red lips, bumpy red tongue and swollen lymph node in neck. In many cases not all symptoms are exhibited or are present at the same time. How many symptoms did your child exhibit?

KD Symptom Card Back Jan 2016